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St. Hilda’s Secondary school offers a bilingual curriculum in which approximately 60% of the subjects are taught in English. We combine the prestige and traditions of a centenarian institution with those 21st century technologies and pedagogies that are so relevant to enhance learning today. We constitute an exams oriented school in which Cambridge International examinations are a very important aspect of our students’ education and go along with the national Spanish curriculum. In the upper forms, the selection of the different exams for our students is to a great extent tailored to their inclinations and abilities; these examinations develop their critical thinking and prepare them for decision-making in their future careers. Additionally, our students have the opportunity of participating in several additional activities such as Public Speaking, Writing, Maths and Singing competitions, Art and Choir Festivals, EMUN (ESSARP Model of the United Nations), sports tournaments and many others that are a bonus to their education.

Although our Secondary school is oriented towards Natural Sciences, our curriculum is also strong in Sports, Music and Arts, which we consider fundamental in the forming of character, virtues and values. We also encourage Community Service in a series of programmes and activities that aim at creating social awareness, empathy and leadership skills for the common good. As well, our School Orientation team has an important role in providing workshops and education to both students and parents on topics that are of the community’s concern. In short, our Secondary school seeks to educate and form young men and women who are academically prepared to step confidently into the modern world and are also solid in Christian and human values.

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