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At Primary level, with the focus on the student as a centre, we apply pedagogies that generate knowledge, inter-relate information and stimulate personal development. We implement integrated, inter-disciplinary projects within a framework of constant learning.

Students acquire fluency in both English and Spanish through the progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills in both languages ​​and cultures. An integrated bilingual curriculum is developed that complies with the official regulations and the English national curriculum. From an early age, literacy is achieved with parallel programmes in both languages.

In both languages, a demanding reading plan and literary activities that help to develop the language and creativity are shared. In addition, and applied to all curricular areas, we encourage collaboration and teamwork, creativity and critical thinking, clear expression and self-directed learning from an early age.

Personal reflection, careful listening, tolerance towards differences, critical judgment and the expression of ideas are all encouraged. Through the development of a Values ​​Project, we encourage what is expressed in our mission, in order to achieve a student profile that stands out for their ethics as well as their academic results.

The context of the Primary School is framed within the boundaries of love and respect, where learning is enjoyed with responsibility and dedication

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