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Kindergarten is a crucial stage in the life of every individual, which is why we aim at the full development of each child’s skills.  At St. Hilda’s, children from the age of two receive an education according to their developmental stages and needs.


From the linguistic standpoint, our emphasis is placed on the acquisition of the English language. From an early age we offer children the opportunity to acquire the language naturally, through play and games. We plan thematic units, sequences and projects both in Spanish and English.  Our goal is to mould curious, creative and happy human beings and to provide them with the tools necessary for our world today.


Our Kindergarten also offers recreational activities such as art, physical education and music so that each one of our students can find the area of expression that they enjoy best and get the most out of it.


Instilling a sensitivity for the love and care of the environment is one of our priorities and we have the advantage of counting on wide open, green spaces which favour exploration and contact with nature.  The school day takes place in a warm, safe and stimulating atmosphere.


We are an educational community committed to high quality, global education which fosters Christian values and encourages lifelong learning and the passion for excellence.


Our doors are open to whoever wants to come and get to know our Kindergarten.

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