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Sport is considered an essential part of child development, and thus, a considerable amount of time is devoted to physical exercise.  Students take part in a variety of individual sports including swimming, cross country and athletics.  To complement this, they play team sports such as rugby, hockey and volleyball - team work for these sports is developed through training, fellowship and effort, main tools in order to succeed.   


Interhouse matches are played, and also against schools from other areas.  Tours within the country and abroad are organized.


Sport is, no doubt,  an opportunity for cultural exchange – teams from schools in the UK are invited to spend a few days staying with our  School families, before taking part in an international tournament


Physical education is a central area of the teaching process in Kindergarten, given that it promotes a harmonious and extensive physical and motor development in our students through games and physical expression. 

Through playful experiences children begin to get to know their bodies, building a positive self-image. Furthermore, they strive to improve their physical wellbeing, become aware of their abilities, develop skills according to their age, discover and organize their perceptions, enjoy physical activity and integrate with their peers by sharing games that stimulate their creativity and imagination


In early Primary school years, focus is placed on children acquiring basic motor skills and coordination, abilities needed for taking an active part in the sports they will learn to play in subsequent years.  Sport is intended to be fun, and at the same time, fundamental for healthy living.


In the upper forms, students engage in team sports, where commitment and team work are essential tools to reach a common goal.  Students play matches against other schools and also compete in interschool tournaments.


Our sports programme is complemented by a variety of optional extracurricular activities. After school hours, students may take dancing, football and gymnastics lessons; as well as swimming, in the warmer months.


The Physical Education Department organizes form camping trips in Primary School. Apart from the typical activities, children learn to respect and understand each other – as stated in our School Mission – as well as to appreciate the environment.


In Secondary School sport is considered an important aspect in the life of our students.  Surveys have shown that those students who engage in sport have better self-esteem, are more confident, and in general are healthier than those who exercise less.


Bearing this thought in mind, we offer our Secondary students an integral sports programme, not only individually, but also as part of a team.  Concepts such as fairplay, sports ethics and effort are considered essential in order to achieve their goals.  Students are encouraged to compete in a healthy manner, and at the same time respect their opponents and accept defeat with dignity. 

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