(Building Educational Leaders for Life & Service)

BELLS (Building Educational Leaders for Life and Service) is our Community Action project, through which we try to encourage vocation of service and the formation of leaders in our students. One or several groups are in charge of the different projects we undertake, but the whole School community is invited to get involved in them.

Throughout the year we carry out different projects such as: collections, campaigns and events in which the whole school takes part.

Some of these are:

  • School support

  • Collection campaigns:  food and school supplies, garments

  • Charity concerts

  • Temporary housing building

  • Solidarity visits


We support the following institutions:

  • CONIN Sagrado Corazón Centre (Hurlingham

  • San Vicente de Paul Day Care Centre (Hurlingham)

  • Garrahan Hospital

  • Cáritas

  • Techo

  • Posadas Hospital

  • St. Mark’s Church (Hurlingham)

  • Rozman Home for the Elderly (San Justo)

  • Mission to Seaferers


We organize various charity activities – to a great extent all this is made possible thanks to the generous involvement of our Community.  We are grateful to all those who help out in one way or another, and we hope to continue to carry out more campaigns, in order to reach out a little further to our society, and continue educating leaders for life and service.



Values In Action

“God of Peace, give us the grace to recognize and accept the varied gifts you bestow on men and women.” Hilda of Whitby, school Patron saint