As Headmaster of St Hilda’s College, I would like to welcome you to our institutional webpage. St Hilda’s College is renowned in our country for its centennial expertise in bilingual education.


In 1912 Canon Joseph Thomas Stevenson, at the time Headmaster of St George’s College Quilmes, made his second attempt at founding a girls’ boarding school and invited Miss Mabel Holland to be its Headmistress. For around fifteen years that school was called Cricklewood in memory of Miss Holland’s native town in England. In the late 1920’s, thanks to Bishop Edward Francis Every’s financial support and encouragement, Miss Holland moved the school to its present location and gave it a new name, St Hilda’s College.

Both our patron, St Hilda, who was renowned in her day for her wisdom and prudence, and our school motto, Laborare est orare, body forth our work ethos. We aim to forge bonds which foster a learning environment where our students can develop their intellectual, physical and emotional potential. To work, our motto claims, is to get in touch with a dimension greater than each one of us. In other words, to work is to transcend. It is to put our talents at the service of those beside us, of their well-being, of the common good.


I hope that your first contact with our school through this virtual medium will allow you to recognize in our work the spirit that our school motto and patron saint suggest: making of St Hilda’s College a stimulating, fertile and generous learning environment.


Fernando Lasala Quintana