There is a tradition of excellence at the school when it comes to CIE examinations. In recent years the school boasts a great number award winners who have received the highest mark in Argentina across a number of subjects and diplomas:

2013: A Level Spanish - Dominique Becker

2013: AS History  - Dominique Becker

2013: IGCSE Physics - Camila Belen de Iacovo  

2013: IGCSE Environmental Science - Victoria Lucia Gómez

2014: AS Economics - María Azul Ongarato

2014: AS Literature in English - Nicolás Diaz de la Torre

2015: AICE Diploma -  Victoria Lucia Gómez

2015: AS English Literature - Victoria Lucia Gómez

2015: IGCSE Environmental Management - Natalia D’Agostino

2015: IGCSE Geography - Natalia D’Agostino

2015: IGCSE Mathematics - Natalia D’Agostino

2016: ICE Diploma - Natalia D’Agostino

2016: IGCSE Physics - Natalia D’Agostino 

2016: IGCSE Chemistry - Natalia D’Agostino

2016: IGCSE Biology  - Natalia D’Agostino

2017: AICE Diploma (joint) - Isabela Dallasta

2017: AICE Diploma (joint) - Natalia D’Agostino

2017: AS Biology - Natalia D’Agostino

2017: AS Computer Science - Natalia D’Agostino

2017: IGCSE Mathematics - Josefina Brau

2018: AICE Diploma – Josefina Brau

2018: IGCSE Computer Studies – Felipe Puiggari


Since 1912, families at St. Hilda’s not only find the formal education they are seeking for their children, but a place where each individual is given an all-round background: academic, cultural, in the Arts and in sport, spiritual and social


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